Updated June, 2011

How to Play the Jew's Harp

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1)   The Jew's Harp consists of a cast  iron or steel frame and a tempered
     steel tongue.  The tongue of the instrument lies between the jaws of 
     the frame and is played by vibrating the tongue, which is done by 
     striking or plucking, with the forefinger.

2)   Take the Jew's Harp lightly in the hand, using care that the hand 
      touches only the frame and not the tongue.
Wayland playing a steel 'harp

3)   Place the harp against the front teeth, which must be slightly apart.

4)   The upper and lower lips should rest on the top and bottom of the 

5)   With your forefinger, pluck the tongue of the Jew's Harp, either by
     pushing or pulling.  While the harp's tongue is in motion, silently
     pronounce the vowels (A-E-I-O-U).  This is an easy way to learn 
     how to produce sounds, which occur by altering the size of the 
     mouth cavity. 
     Using small amounts of air (either inhaling or exhaling) will alter the
     sound quality.  Moving your tongue (thus changing the size of the mouth
     cavity) and using small amounts of air will, in no time at all, produce
     many different tones.  You then combine this with the rhythmic beat of
     the music.  Now, you can play any song you wish!!

Schematic of a Trump