Updated June, 2011

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1980 Austria Virtuoso Jawharp Blue Iron Frame small Gordon Frazier X   x x
? England ? cast Aluminum? Made in England stamped on it. Notches on back Gordon Frazier   X x x
3 ? ? England ? cast iron frame "England" engrave/stamped on arms where teeth go. Notches on back; Group of Gordon Frazier X   x x
4 Bill Gohring
Round harp
1995 USA Bill Gohring Steel
Gordon Frazier X   x x
1991 Bashkiria (Russia) Robert Zagratinor (sp?) Aluminium Alloy Frame Made in a factory that formerly made aircraft parts. Made in Ufa. Gordon Frazier

1940 England ? Cast Iron Frame "Made in England" stamp w/notches (3 over 3). Bought in antique store in Por Gordon Frazier

1991 Bashkiria (Russia)
Steel Wire frame (Round cross-section Gordon Frazier

? Pakistan ? cast frame? Leo [Tadagawa] brought these to the 1992 Sumpter festival Gordon Frazier

9 Tom Bilyeu-Double Crimp ? USA Tom Bilyeu Steel "made in USA" - In key of D Gordon Frazier

10 ? ? Ukraine ? Iron/steel Traded with Valary at 1991 Congress in Yakutsk Gordon Frazier X

1981 Yakutia, Nomskii region ? Steel Came w/cord to hang around neck - Traded a Bilyeu 'harp for it at outdoor ba Gordon Frazier X

12 Mouth Fiddle 1996 USA Bill Gohring Steel Key of D - Longer Version Maple burl case Gordon Frazier X

13 Khomus 1992? Yakutia ? Steel Sent to me by Leo Tadagawa 1992 from Japan Gordon Frazier X

14 Khomus Case (see pa#13)
wood Case for #13

15 Zoltan-Apocalypse ? Hungary Zoltan Steel
Gordon Frazier X

1992 Yakutia ? Steel Gift from Leo Tadagawa on occasion of 1st NAJHF in Sumpter Gordon Frazier X

17 Khomus 1991 Yakutia ? Steel Prize winning maker at 1991 Congress Gordon Frazier X

18 Scacciapensier 198? Italy Andrea Bugari Aluminium frame Patent # 48852/A - #35635/B Gordon Frazier

19 Cloverleaf 1993 Austria Schwartz ? Bought in Germany on woodblock - from Ginny on her Czech trip Gordon Frazier

1993 Austria Schwartz ? see pa#19 Gordon Frazier

21 Aztec 1995 Hungary Zoltan ?
Gordon Frazier

22 Double-Khomus ? Yakutia ? Brass frame Traded with singer at 1991 Congress Gordon Frazier X

23 ? ? Tuva ? Steel Gift from Desiree at 1993 Sumpter festival-Case made by GF from trunk of xma Gordon Frazier

24 Tibetan Blackfire 1995 Hungary Zoltan ? Very low! - Stock piece welded to tip of tongue Gordon Frazier

1991 Bashkiria Robert Zagratinor (sp?) aluminium alloy frame Made in a factory that formerly made aircraft parts. Made in Ufa. Gordon Frazier

26 FSPA 90's Italy Andrea Bugari aluminium and steel Never worn this one out in five years. Curtis Chamberlain

27 Kubing 1990 Phillippines ? bamboo Three I like, so I made a case for them (basswood & balsa) Gordon Frazier X

28 Genggong 1994 Bali ? bamboo Bought at Zamboanga (store) in Seattle - Pike Place Market Gordon Frazier X

1997 Bali? ? Bamboo Bought at John's Music Seattle, 1997. Cloth "tail" is held in non-striking h Gordon Frazier


Selawesi (Celebes) ? bamboo Had a friend get it during a trip to East Indies. Hard to find, he thought. Gordon Frazier X

1985 Philippines ? bamboo Came from Sahali Imports. Gordon Frazier

32 3-String mouthbow 1993 Hawaii ? bamboo &coconut husk Used in hula songs. Gordon Frazier

33 Ni'au Kani 1993 Hawaii Ni'au Kani Koawood&palm leaf stem Courting instrument. Also makes mouthbows,bamboo nose flute, Trad. methods. Gordon Frazier X

34 Kubing 1996 Philippines ? bamboo Tuned set-third apart? Got from Bill 1996 festival. Gordon Frazier X

35 Kubing 1991 Philippines ? bamboo & brass Brass is decorative only. Does not help sound. Gordon Frazier X

1990 USA California Ken Korten bamboo Made by visual artist - tuned instrument maker. Gordon Frazier X

37 Mookh-Kuri 1991 Japan - Hokkaido ? bamboo Traditional instrument of Ainu people. Gordon Frazier X

1992 USA - California Ken Korten bamboo Made by visual artist, tuned instrument maker. Gordon Frazier X

1991 Japan ? bamboo Got at Congress. Leo says it is not traditional. Gordon Frazier

40 Kubing 1995 Philippines ? bamboo
Gordon Frazier X

1970 Austria ? steel Traded with Larry Hanks at 1992 festival. Gordon Frazier X

42 Baritone 1970's Austria Schwartz steel Given to me by Jerry Houk, Seattle. Gordon Frazier

1950 England ? cast frame Notches on front are significant. I think my mom found this a t a second han Gordon Frazier

44 Key of D 1992 The Netherlands Kendall Rownd bell bronze frame Holder is a wine cork. Gordon Frazier X

45 Temin Khomus in F 1991 Kirgizia ? steel Gift from "Betita", 16-yr-old w/Kingiz delegation,on the bus, Nomskii dist., Gordon Frazier X

46 Case for #45 1991 Kirgizia ? wood (gopherwood?) Cord can be worn looped around wrist or belt loop. Gordon Frazier X

47 Jawharp 1996 USA Milwakie,OR B&M Harps ? Manufacturer who took over Tom Bilyeu's business. Gordon Frazier

48 Double J-Harp 1991 USSR-UFA Robert Zagratina aluminium alloy Tuned a third apart. Gordon Frazier

49 Khomus 1991 Yakutia - VstAldausk ? steel Young maker(25-30)Came without case. Case came with tiny violin;from Sandra Gordon Frazier X

50 Key of D 1994 Germany Schlutter steel
Gordon Frazier

51 Whilton Jawharp ? USA-Wisconsin Robbie Clemens ?
Gordon Frazier

52 Khomus in D 1993 Yakutia ? steel Leo got this on a trip to Yakutia. Gordon Frazier X

53 Mouthfiddle in G 1995 USA Sumpter,OR Bill Goring steel Holding frame is cherry - Imade that originally as a mike-holder. Gordon Frazier X

54 Classic in D 1994 Hungary Zoltan steel; nickel-plated
Gordon Frazier

54A 54A - Pink One 1992 Thailand ? bamboo
Gordon Frazier X

55 Cast Frame pre'40 USA-New York JR Smith cast frame "Smith" & "NY" stamped into frame bars. Larry Hanks
X 3"
56 Cast Frame pre'40 USA-New York J.R.Smith cast frame "J.R. Smith" stamped into frame bars. - 6cm Long Larry Hanks

57 2 3/4" Cast Frame pre'40 USA? Englan? ?Smith? cast frame My favorite. A real zinger, loud,clean high key of B-Bflat,lowered to A w/wi Larry Hanks

58 2 instruments
Laos Kambodia Hmong brass/bronze Not loud, but long sustain. Very good sound. Carved from sheet brass. Larry Hanks X

? Afganistan ? Steel
Larry Hanks X

60 Hmong Harps 1980,50,90 Laos & S. China
Brass/Bronze Most sensitive space-age harp.Made to sing or speak through. Love it! Ingrid Berkhout X

61 J.R. Smith ? USA J.R. Smith Steel Best harp I've found! Loud with long sustain Ed Clark ?

1995 Cambodia,AnakorWat ? Bamboo w/flat edge part slid into slots to acheive close tolerance with tongue Larry Hanks X

63 Gengong/Frog call combo ? Bali
Larry Hanks X

? Nepal? ? Steel ca 1" long with short hook Larry Hanks X
pre 40's Austria ? Steel tongue/Brass frame Makers initials on end of each Larry Hanks X

pre 40's Austria ? Steel 3 harps - Makers initial on each end Larry Hanks X

67 J. R Smith 1965 USA J.R. Smith, N.Y. Steel THE standard, & only available harp in the post-WWII era, before Austrian ha Larry Hanks

68 Kubing ? Phillipines?, SE Asia
Bamboo Carved handle Larry Hanks X

69 Gengong ? Bali?
Bamboo Cloth handle Larry Hanks X

70 Frog Call ? Bali? Indoneasia?

Larry Hanks

1993 Java Javanese Peasants Bamboo Also Hmang harp (see PA#60) & Khmer/Cambodia 3 reed bamboo. Ronnie Hatley X

72 Jewsaphone 1930s USA A.P.& M. Co. Metal Amplifies sound fairly well Bill Gohring X X

73 Tru-Tone 1970s USA ? Aluminum Tom Bilyeu prototype - Patented - not sold to public. Bill Gohring

1980s England ? Steel Round Frame Bill Gohring

75 Kubing 1980s Philipines
Bill Gohring X

76 Kubing 1980s Philipines
Bamboo/Brass Brass piece attached to back of frame for fancy decoration Bill Gohring X

77 Bill Gohring Round Frame 1990s USA Bill Gohring Metal One of the first I styles I made. Case is pine & deer horn. Bill Gohring X

1960s USA ? Brass/Steel
Bill Gohring

1990s Kirgizia - Russia Kenchinbarv Ozolbay? Steel
Bill Gohring X

80 MouthFiddle 1990s USA Bill Gohring Steel # sizes tuned to keys - In hardwood cases Bill Gohring X

81 Round - Long tongued 1980s Pakistan? ? Brass/Steel
Bill Gohring X

82 Bill Gohring - small roun 1990s USA Bill Gohring Steel Small round Jew's harp - First I made - Modeled after T. Bilyeu and Whitlow Bill Gohring X


84 Round 1980s Yakut, Russia
Metal Beautiful workmanship and player Bill Gohring X

85 Round 1980s Yakut.Russia
Metal Ornate frame with [symbols] & picture. Beautiful Player and workmanship Bill Gohring X

86 Enclosed frame 1980s Italy Andrea Bugari Aluminum & Metal Patented Bill Gohring

87 Round 1980s Austria Virtuoso Steel Sorry they are no longer made` Bill Gohring X

88 Clackamore 1990s USA Wayland Harman Wood & Rubber One of the first Clackamores made Bill Gohring X

89 MouthFiddle Set 1995 USA Bill Gohring Steel & wood case Tuned set from A to A. Bloodwood, Holly and Purpleheart wood case. Bill Gohring X

90 MouthFiddle Set 1996 USA Bill Gohring Steel & wood case Tuned Travel set. Keys of G,D,A,E. Curlymaple wood case. Bill Gohring X

91 Set 1994 USA Bill Gohring Metal & wood case Tuned set A to A. Black-walnut case. Bill Gohring X

92 Whitlow 1993 USA Robbie Clement Steel Chromatic set- D to D. Wayland Harman X

93 Clackamore 1990s USA Wayland Harman Maple Patented 1995 #5458037 Standard maple Clackamore. Production m Wayland Harman

94 Hmong 1996 USA Wayland Harman Brass (.036 sheet) Keys of D,E,C, G and hig C, C and high G. Wayland Harman X

95 Double-harp 1997 USA Wayland Harman Steel and Ebony The 3 pcs. of metal are continuos through both harps. Keys of G & G#. Wayland Harman X